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Final Updates of 2012-2013

PROM IS HERE! It's very exciting and it will be very fun. Make sure you get your bids!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for the support at our events, you have been wonderful. Enjoy Summer and next year :)

Updates :)

This week is a very filled week. We have the Talent Show this Thursday. The Faley Games are on Friday, please makes sure to stay reverent. And on Saturday is MORP (70's theme), it's the last informal dance and the last last dance for freshman and sophomores; don't miss it!

More Updates

The talent show will go on! There are enough acts within the time allotted; get pumped for talent! :D Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we have the Talent Show, Faley Games, and MORP respectfully. Enjoy!


Last week we discussed the Talent Show that is upcoming and some plans for next year. Keep in mind that the talent show is May 2nd, Faley Games on May 3rd, MORP on May 4th, and Prom on May 18th.


The talent show is Thursday, May 2nd. Get your acts ready now! The next day is the Faley Games. And Morp is day after.

Updates! :)

Sadie's is this Saturday at Connelly High School, and yes, you may come stag for $15. The talent show has been locked in for May 2nd! Start thinking about what you want talents you want to showcase :)


We discussed the change of date of the Sadie's dance, it is set for March 23rd.


The Blood Drive went very well, many life's were saved. Thank you to all who donated. The next dance is Sadie's at Connelly on April 13th. Thanks for reading :)


The price of Winter Formal goes up starting today to $65 a person. Crush bottle sales start today and will go all week at break and lunch. Lastly, please get ready for the blood drive now and get the forms. If you are 16 you need a permission form, but everyone who wants to donate will need a kind of identification when they get to the drive.

WINTER FORMAL! (2/8/2013)

This is a big dance for everyone! Make sure to buy your tickets as soon as they are available! This is the first year that we will raise ticket prices if you buy them after the timeline that you are provided with. There will be plenty of notice and announcements. There is no reason why anyone should be charged the late fee. The dance is $55 per person.