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Alexis 4/25-4/26

This week the Alexis priory talked about the Faley games. We also made presentations on various mental disabilities and shared them with the class.
On Friday, we studied GLK and took our final.

Alexis 4/18-19

This last week we listened to Jackie Francois speak in the theater on chastity and faith. On Friday we discussed the speech as well as finished making our blankets.

Alexis 4/11 and 4/12

This week, we made blankets that we are donating to children that have cleft palates. These blankets will help families that do not have very much money due to medical payments they have to make. This next week we are going to finish making the blankets as well as work on GLK and play whist.

Alexis 3/22

We do not have priory this week so we are just fine tuning our activities for the rest of the year as well as our project where we will be making blankets for children with cleft lips.

Alexis 3/14 and 3/15

On Thursday, the entire school heard a guest speaker from Camp ReCreation.
On Friday, there was a guest speaker who talked about the Faley Games.
This week we will be going over GLK, especially the stock market. We will also be having our quarter final.

Alexis 3/7 and 3/8

This last week we spent Thursday going over the social media lesson to help the students recognize how to use social media correctly in their lives.

On Friday, we went out to the field for Ultimate Frisbee to get the homerooms using Necessity of the Other in competition.

This week we will be going over GLK, especially the stock market. We will also be having our quarter final.

Alexis 2/7

Last week we spent time reviewing GLK and the regimen and then played whist.
This week we will be writing letters to loved ones and going over the history of Saint Valentine.

Alexis - 1/28-2/1

On Thursday, the Alexis Priory had a rock-paper-scissors tournament. On Friday, the seniors quizzed the freshman on the Cor Book to emphasize Grade Level Knowledge and Mastery of Self.

Last week, Blake and Mrs. Montgomery went to the convalescent home to make sure that our plans were still good to go. Our first visit is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6th. We are excited for our next priory period!

Alexis 12/5-6

This last Thursday in Priory we went outside and did a lying down crowd surfing activity. This activity was promote Necessity of the Other because each student had to trust their classmates to not drop them and to crowd surf them carefully. It was a meaningful and fun activity. On Friday we did a scenario game that showed the importance of not pre-judging people. After this activity we played Whist and went over more GLK. We are still just waiting on the students to get in their permission forms so we can begin our service project.

Alexis - 11/29-11/30

This week in the Alexis Priory we had a schoolwide disaster drill on Thursday. On Friday we made country brochures so that we could learn more about our priory's country. We are about to start our service project with a convalescent home, but we are still waiting on all the students to get their permission slips in.