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Priory Period 2-28; 3-1

Last week on Thursday the 28th, the Bonajuncta Priory performed skits on etiquette on the cor book. Students split into groups and performed the skits to learn the material in a fun creative way. On Friday, the Priory played the game Apples to Apples. The students were able to interact with others through the game and have a good time with one another.

Bonajuncta Priory Periods 2-15, 2-21/22

On the priory period of February 15, Mr. Angel led the priory in praying the rosary. Mr. Angel lead a discussion on the importance of the Rosary and the impact it can have in our lives. Many of the students found this very rewarding and it was great to see the Priory praying the Rosary together. On the Priory periods of February 21-22, we went outside and played Friarball which is ultimate frisbee but with a football. The students really enjoyed the activity. Everybody got involved and the students displayed great teamwork and strategy. It was a great two weeks in the Bonajuncta Priory.


This week in priory the kids participated in a human scavenger hunt, where the students had to find out information about one another. The activity went really well and the students learned a lot about one another. Also, this week we made get well cards for Fr. Ed; please keep him in your prayers.

Bonajuncta Priory 12-6,7-12

This week in priory, Bonajuncta held a GLK penalty kick tournament. For the activity students researched facts on their assigned countries and exchanged facts on other countries before they kicked. The activity gave students the opportunity to learn their assigned GLK in a different and creative way. Also through competition it promoted the aspects of sportsmanship and teamwork. The students really enjoyed the activity and it was a huge success.

Bonajuncta 11-29/30-12

On the first day of Priory this week we had a practice emergency drill. Originally, we had a prayer service scheduled from Campus Ministry, but because of the disaster drill the date of the prayer service was postponed for a date to be announced. On Friday, we started to learn more facts about our countries for our PK tourney in the coming weeks and set the lineups for the event. Students will exchange facts before they kick and be able to learn new facts about other homeroom countries.


This week in priory we did a follow up activity to the pornography talk to see the effectiveness of talk and the thirty day goal. Also in the periods we worked on the grade level knowledge and learning about our country, French Guiana. Together as a homeroom we can up with a list of facts.


This week in Priory we supported our brothers in the arts by watching a presentation of their production "Almost Maine". This activity was a good exercise in necessity of the other.


In Priory this week we attended the Tri-School production "Almost, Maine." The play received many positive reviews and was enjoyed by the student body. The actors did a great job and the play was very enjoyable. In addition, we are planning for a great second quarter to the year.

Amideus 11/1/12

This week we did not have a Priory period rather we celebrated the holy Feast of all Saints.


This priory period we were split into different classes by grade and talked about the serious top of pornography. We reviewed the main points of the speakers talk and the addictive qualities of pornography and the adverse affects of the addiction. By doing this talk we covered mastery of self.