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Sostene 4/26-27 Update

This week, Sostene participated in a myriad of activities, watching Nacho Libre, having a pizza parties, and enjoying an excellent speech by Jackie Francois on Chastity. We were reminded how to treat woman and how to be real men. We were told that real men are those who are respect women, those who are spiritual, and those who truly care about women.

Sostene would also like to congratulate all of the students selected to lead in next year's PLC. They have great opportunities to develop the Priory program into an even greater leadership experience.

Sostene 3/7 Update

This week, the Sostene priory didn't have normally scheduled priory periods, but Thursday was Sostene's day at HSK. Her Servants' Kitchen is a weekly program after school on Thursdays where students actively help the homeless in their community by cooking and serving food to the homeless. Sostene had a great showing with both their required food to bring and attendance after school.

Sostene 2/21-22 Update

Last week, the Sostene priory competed against Amideus in a fierce Dodgeball tournament. The activity built brotherhood and necessity of the other between the men when they teamed up to take down the opponent.

Sostene Weekly Update for 2/7/13

This week, Sostene took time to recognize Father Ed and Brother Chris' illnesses by writing them personal get-well cards. These cards followed by a mass on Friday to celebrate the 7 Holy Founders of Servite. The entire school cheered at the conclusion for Father Ed and Brother Chris.

1/31-2/1 Update

The good ol' lads in the Sostene Priory were hard at work memorizing and learning the importance of their grade level knowledge. On Friday, the homerooms quizzed themselves on GLK and Gio's homeroom even made it out to the field to play some good ol' football.

Update for 12/3-12/7

This week Sostene continued to work on their teamwork skills by hosting mini Whist tournaments in their homerooms on Thursday. On Friday, students reflected on themselves to prepare for the Christmas season. They were asked questions that provoked a better understanding of self in regards to their surrounding community and faith. Ha. You thought this week's post would be in a funny accent didn't you?

Update for 11/29-30/12

Our homeboys in the Sostene priory were a little shaken up by a disaster drill that was thrown at them on Thursday, but my boys picked themselves up on Friday and sprinted straight into Whist practice. Cards were everywhere, and so were the tricks. Ya Boy Sostene developed those teamwork skills by reading their partners' actions and threw down the proper cards accordingly. Out.

11/15 Priory update

Hear ye hear ye! Sostene separated their great men by class year to better focus themselves upon prayer. The prayer service was an excellent means of connecting the students not only to God, but to the rest of their class. Different ways to pray were discussed in addition to the benefits of prayer in our lives.

Sostene Weekly Update for 11/5-9

Ye bretheren of the Sostene Priory reinstated their enthusiasm for theatrical arts when they ventured out to view the wonderful play of "Almost, Main". The play ignited further excitement as Grant Hodges, Sostene's very own PAL representative, played a key role in the production.

Sostene 11/1/12 Update

Although there wasn't a normal priory period last week, Sostene celebrated all souls day at mass and improved upon their seating assignments from the previous mass.