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Philip Priory Update 5/13-17

This past week we took our final/survey in Philip Priory and discussed how our overall year went especially with regards to our service project. Friday we participated in a basketball fundraiser for St. Joseph's Garden put on by senior Eric Torres and we had a lot of fun with that. This week we will be watching The End of Summer Bummer to put the kids in the summer mindset.

Philip Priory Update 4/29-5/3

This past week in Philip we successfully went through the instructions for the Faley Games as well as the Earth Day Activity we had. The students understand that their job is to pick up trash AS WELL AS having fun with the athletes. This week we are excited for the Faley Games and for the Philip students performing in the talent show. We also have been talking to Eric Torres about a possible basketball fundraiser put on by Philip Priory.

Philip Priory Update 4/22-26

This past week in Priory we joined Amideus in the theatre for a great talk from Jackie Francois. Friday we made quick videos on Servite High School made all by the students. This week we plan on doing Earth Day Activities that revolve around what they as students can do to make our world greener as well as how our school can become greener, especially in the new construction we will be doing. We will also be going to Isaiah's House this weekend.

Philip Priory Update 4/15-19

Last week our GLK discussion and Indian Wrestling went very well. We also discussed future positions in the Philip Priory. Philip's game at the Father/Son BBQ was a lot of fun and I think it's safe to say the dad's enjoyed it more than the usual games. This week in Priory we are doing Catechism 101 and an activity called Make A Video About It.

Philip Priory Update 4/8-12

This past Sunday we went to Isaiah's House. We plan create an organized schedule for the rest of the year so students can have further notice on HSC dates. This week we will be watching a TED talk about the importance of human knowledge and playing Indian Wrestling.

Philip Priory Updates 3/25-29

This week in Philip we do not have Priory. We will be working with our future leaders on Priory applications and making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to do so.

Philip Priory Updates 3/18-24

This past week in Priory we hosted another date at Isaiah's House. After talking with the women who live there I realized they mostly need help with cleaning up afterward because after they serve breakfast most of the volunteers and the people they serve just leave. So hopefully we can figure something out there to make it easier on them. Also in Priory this week we will be playing Indian Wrestling because we haven't really gone outside all year as well as addressing the idea of coding in school.

Philip Priory Update 3/11

We will be planning more dates to go to Isaiah's House. We had planned to do Indian Wrestling this week, but because the speakers have been moved to both days, we will push that back. We are excited for the speakers this week!

Philip Priory Update 3/4

We had another great day helping over at Isaiah's House this Sunday. This week we are going to be further looking into new, better priory period ideas in order to improve our scheduled plans.

Philip Priory Update 2/25-3/1

This week in Philip the homerooms are going to be participating in GLK Jeopardy on Thursday and Philip Olympics on Friday. We hope to also move all the clothes we have so far through HSC.