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Campus Ministry 5/20-24/13 Update

The final Mass of the year went well. We all helped in the collection and some of us can learn how to be Eucharistic Ministers next year. Next year's committee was selected, so we are excited to see them take Campus Ministry to the next level.

Final Updates of 2012-2013

PROM IS HERE! It's very exciting and it will be very fun. Make sure you get your bids!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for the support at our events, you have been wonderful. Enjoy Summer and next year :)

Philip Priory Update 5/13-17

This past week we took our final/survey in Philip Priory and discussed how our overall year went especially with regards to our service project. Friday we participated in a basketball fundraiser for St. Joseph's Garden put on by senior Eric Torres and we had a lot of fun with that. This week we will be watching The End of Summer Bummer to put the kids in the summer mindset.

Campus Ministry 5/13-17/13 Update

Our last prayer service of the year went well. One thing next year's committee could focus on is getting guys to interact more and take the prayer service more easily. Other than that, we will be preparing for Mass on Friday and thinking of ideas we would like to see carried on next year.

Campus Ministry 5/6-10/13 Update

We have our last prayer service of the year Friday with Bonajuncta. We are excited for next year as Campus Ministry will be taking a big step forward. This week's meeting will be focused on what everyone's plan is for next year and to find out who is available to continue helping Campus Ministry. We plan to finish the year out strong with the prayer service and helping out with Mass.

Manettus Priory Periods 4/25-4/26

On Thursday Manettus discussed the different types of disabilities that athletes at the Faley Games might have. On Friday, the men of Manettus had indian wrestling on the field to prepare for the physical challenges we would meet during the various athletic activities of the Faley games.

Updates :)

This week is a very filled week. We have the Talent Show this Thursday. The Faley Games are on Friday, please makes sure to stay reverent. And on Saturday is MORP (70's theme), it's the last informal dance and the last last dance for freshman and sophomores; don't miss it!

Sostene 4/26-27 Update

This week, Sostene participated in a myriad of activities, watching Nacho Libre, having a pizza parties, and enjoying an excellent speech by Jackie Francois on Chastity. We were reminded how to treat woman and how to be real men. We were told that real men are those who are respect women, those who are spiritual, and those who truly care about women.

Sostene would also like to congratulate all of the students selected to lead in next year's PLC. They have great opportunities to develop the Priory program into an even greater leadership experience.

Media & Tech 4/22-4/26

This week we talked about looking through the gallery to find good pictures for various end of year slideshows.
We did not have an episode of Servite TV.

Alexis 4/25-4/26

This week the Alexis priory talked about the Faley games. We also made presentations on various mental disabilities and shared them with the class.
On Friday, we studied GLK and took our final.