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Hugh Priory Update 3/25

This week Hugh will be communicating Mr. Walswick's message about social media use to students during priory period.

Hugh Priory Blog Entry 2/25/13

This week Hugh Priory will be working on strengthening its grade level knowledge.

Hugh Priory Blog Entry 2/11

Hugh Priory had Her Servants' Kitchen last week and used this opportunity to distribute the first round of blankets for our service project. In our meeting this week, we will be discussing how to make ourselves more efficient with regards to our service project.

Hugh Priory Blog Entry 2/3

Hugh will be volunteering at Her Servants' Kitchen this week. We are in the process of distributing blankets made by students during Priory as part of our service project.

Hugh Priory Update 11/30

This week during priory period Hugh continued watching "Miracle." Using a historical example, students continued to understand Necessity of the Other as it applies to sports. At then end of the period, PAL administered a survey as a follow up to the October pornography assembly.

Hugh Priory Update 11/20

We are continuing to work on our priory service project by making blankets for the poor.

Hugh Priory 11/15

This week Hugh worked on making blankets for their service project. Members cut sheets of felt and tied them together to begin to make the blankets. At the same time, members also watched the movie "Miracle" starring Kurt Russell. Both of these activities involved Necessity of the Other. Students needed to work together in order to make the blankets, while the homeless who will eventually receive these blankets need the men of Hugh to make them.

Hugh Priory Update 11/9

We are continuing to work on our priory-wide service project. The blanket materials have been purchased and received. Blanket assembly will begin on November 15th.

Hugh Priory 11/1/12

There was not a priory period this week, however Hugh Priory is continuing to pursue their service project of assembling and distributing blankets to the poor. We are currently working on obtaining price quotes for the fabric from which the blankets will be made.


This week Hugh Priory had a discussion regarding Wednesday's speaker on pornography, its addictive qualities, and how to get help for our brothers. The discussions were split up by grade level because students would be more willing to discuss such a serious topic with their peers. Hugh is also working on developing their priory-wide service project which will include putting together blankets and distributing them to the impoverished members of the community.